Kid Friendly Kitchen:

Homeowners Sara and Will have their hands full with three small children.  They adore their 1950’s bungalow style home, but the kitchen was small, dark and inefficient.  The new off-white cabinetry helped lighted up the kitchen and mirrored pantry doors help bounce more natural light throughout the space.  The new kitchen layout was space planned according to Sara’s needs; the custom depth pantry units helped them increase storage without overwhelming the small kitchen and provided a much needed home for appliances.  By clearing the clutter off the countertops Sara and Will can work more efficiently while cooking and keep the kitchen tidy in between meals.  With the addition of period style lighting, and hardware, the new kitchen fits seamlessly into their older home.  Storage ottomans give the kids a washable surface to sit on during family dinners and also give Sara additional space to store kitchen equipment.  The original ironing board cabinet serves as a great place to hide spices.  Playful accessories, the kids’ artwork hung from a cable display system and pantry pull-out dedicated to crafts and lunch boxes make this one kid-friendly kitchen.

Credits:  JS Design + Build, Inc., Petals, Flowers by Katie, Ian Stewart (Finish Carpenter)
Photos: Mitch Shenker Studio