The Bold and the Beautiful

The BOLD                                                                   The Beautiful

bold the-beautiful

A recent article for the Sonoma Sun newpaper, return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, and the lighting of City Hall have me in the spirit of the holidays.  My article for the Sonoma Sun gives pointers to sprucing up your guest room for you family and friends for the upcoming holiday season.  Seeing as how I am a visual person, I gathered a few of my favorite things with links to the sources below.  Whether you are looking for a more bold look, or just a beautiful look, these rooms are sure to please even your toughest guests.

BOLD: lamp, headboard, starburst mirror, nightstand, coiled brass accessory, bedding, arched mirror, pillow, tray, clock, round table, blanket, bench

Beautifulclock, one-drawer nightstand, headboard, round mirror, chair, three-drawer nightstand, lamp, bedding, pillow, two-drawer nightstand, blanket, tray, bench (so good it is gone!)  Sorry!

How do you like to make your guest feel at home?  Any tips or tricks?  Share them here!

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  • Katie Spence / / Reply

    Hi Kati! Loving the new blog. I just had the whole family in town for Thanksgiving. Since it’s so cold up here, and I wanted to make my family feel cozy, I left a pair of warm house slippers in each bedroom for them. Little touches like this make any guest feel at home.

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