Outdoor Living at its Finest

Who says a room has to be indoors?  Living in the heart of the wine country, I am blessed with great weather for several months of the year.  I like to take advantage of all mother nature has to offer and you should too!  Whether you have a porch, pool or patio, there are plenty of ways to increase the square footage of your house during the warmer months of the year.  Although you are outdoors, the same interior design principles apply.  Don’t know where to begin?  Click here to read my design tips and to create a your own beautiful outdoor room!  Please enjoy the following collection of photos that inspired my article.  Hopefully they will inspire you too!



Sources:  1.  Concrete Patio, 2.  Corregate fence, 3.  Fireplace, 4.  Slat fence, 5.  Teal Pillows, 6.  Wood table with metal chairs, 7.  Antique Windows, 8.  Living wall, 9.  Horsetail, 10.  barstools, 11.  Antique accessories (visit Sonoma Country Antiques!), 12.  Modern Fireplace (source unavailable), 13.  Vase, 14.  Yellow industrial chairs with lockers (buy chairs here!), 15.  Wine barrels and drapes, 16.  Wooden box planter, 17.  Chalkboard, 18.  Pergola with drapes, 19.  Neutral theme patio, 20.  Cottage charm (source unavailable), 21.  Rustic elegance, 22.  Flowering trellis, 23.  Antique yellow chairs, 24.  Lilac in silver, 25.  Oak tree and table, 26.  Retaining wall bench, 27.  Black and white, 28.  Fire Bowl


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