Meet Kati

Born and raised in Sonoma Valley, Kati moved to Southern California in 1999 to study and obtain degrees in both Art and Interior Design.  She started her career working on large scale commercial design projects for hospitals and universities in Southern California, moving briefly to Seattle to design restaurants for Microsoft, UC Davis and Washington State University.  Wanting to move back home and work more closely with families, Kati took a job working on residential design and remodels for a firm in Napa, developing a strong knowledge of efficient and aesthetic kitchen and bathroom design.  Kati tailored her professional approach of large commercial projects to meet the needs of residential design, giving clients an efficient yet personal, one-on-one design experience.

Since starting K. Kelly Interior Design in 2014, Kati has worked hard to develop designs that channel each clients’ personality and suit their family lifestyle. Her warm, friendly, easy going nature helps her connect with and develop great working relationships with clients, local contractors, and vendors.  Kati enjoys the challenge of working on all design projects, both large and small, regardless of budget, blending traditional and modern styles and working as a team with the clients to personalize the final outcome of her projects. Kati believes that a great design reflects you.


Kati Kelly

Kati loves working in her hometown of Sonoma, being close to her family and friends, and being a part of the community.  When not working, Kati finds design inspiration while walking her dogs through the wine country, visiting local wineries, trying new restaurants in the city, or traveling to new places.